david mirete

Professional graphic designer — since 2003 — with engineering and entrepreneurship background. After working in other studios and agencies for years, I set up my own studio in 2015 focused in printed matter, corporate identity, digital interface & user experience, and new media installations. I develop projects with different scales where several disciplines converge, but, above all, I like to think they share the importance of a simple and honest idea with the value of a balanced and detail-oriented design. I usually create self initial projects that lead to photographic series, moving image or code experiments. Moreover, I am working on my own online concept store and shoes brand.

Currently living between Alicante and Tenerife, Spain, I’m available to work worldwide with direct clients or other creative studios and artists, either on client location or remotely. Please, feel free to email me with inquiries of any kind to: dmirete@gmail.com

Design studio
Photos (website coming soon)